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4 Ways to Cozy Up Your Kitchen for the Winte

Making the kitchen warmer is always wise, since you’ll spend so much time in there. Here are 4 of the best ways.


Fridge and Freezer

Don’t keep these open longer than you need to. Go through your fridge and toss out all of those half empty bottles of salad dressings and barbecue sauces you didn’t quite like. Give the drawers a good cleaning with dish detergent and warm water. Line the bottoms with paper towels. You can then do a bit of organizing and put condiments together, things such as lemon and lime juices together, jams and sauces, pickles, etc. This will make it easier to find things. Then do the same to the freezer. Look for things such as frozen left overs that are old; popsicles and freezies that will probably not get eaten now that the cold weather has arrived and anything else that looks sad and old.


Counters and Cupboards

Pull out your crock pot and casserole dishes in anticipation of those stews, roasts and comfort foods. Rearrange the shelves so you have easy access to more mugs for warm drinks and move the items such as those freezer beer mugs, sippy cups and all of your acrylic dishes and glasses for summer barbecues to the top shelves.



Add a pretty rug runner in front of your sink to keep toes warm on those cold mornings and evenings. Buy some new dish towels and oven mitts in warm colours that will make your kitchen feel a little cosier. Look for convenient storage items for winter friendly foods such as potatoes, yams and squash to keep counters and/or pantries neater. Look at window plants and see if they look like they will make it through the winter.



Take a look in the pantry and see if you need any winter staples such as oatmeal and other heart warming cereals, broths for soups and stews, canned tomatoes and elbow pasta for mac ‘n cheese. Stock up on your family’s favorite hot chocolate and other warm drinks as well as soups, baked beans and other hot lunch favorites for chilly weekends. Make sure your kids’ thermos’ are in working order so you can start sending hot lunches to school.


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