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Why Select a Home That Offers Good Day Trips?

No one plans on purely sitting around the home they purchase. A house is a dwelling, a shelter, an estate, an investment, and a place of security, but it is not a prison. You have a job, and you have a family and all of you have lives and hobbies and things you do for entertainment. Family day trips are some of the best things to do, and therefore a home’s location that offers them is so attractive. It’s part of what’s meant by “location, location, location!” Here’s how.


Better for the Budget

Taking your family on a trip can be expensive. Whether you’re flying or driving, having to travel a considerable distance from home will dig into your bank account, and that’s if everything goes according to plan (and we all know that isn’t always the case). Buying a house that’s much closer to attractions will solve a lot of your budget woes. A single day trip can provide all the entertainment your family, no matter how big (a few kids) or small (newlyweds), would need.

No baggage, no flight layovers, no frustrating hotel room mix-ups, no car issues too far from your trusted mechanic—all these headaches can be eliminated. Half a tank of fuel, a budget for lunch and possibly dinner, and whatever expenses the amusement park, beach, or hiking tour will run you, and you won’t be set back far enough to worry about the next electric bill. Day trips are great for your budget.


Increases the Value of Your Home

Your house’s proximity to places you can make day trips into makes your home that much more valuable. If your house is close to a park, for instance, then a survey from says that it can increase the value by 10%. A great investment.


Family Time is the Most Important

All the time and money saved will allow you to do one of the most important things you had on your mind when purchasing your home in the first place: spending time with your family. The issues that may arise on extended trips can use up some of that valuable time. A day trip gives you exactly that—a day to spend enjoying each other’s company, with very few, if any, hassles.


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