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Top 3 Areas of Your Home to Clean Out

Spring cleaning is tougher than we often realize. It helps to approach it with a game plan. Specifically, a checklist. Some items on that list are more important than others. Here are the top 3.


Concentrate on Closets

After giving household surfaces a good going-over from top to bottom, it’s time to start on the closets. Be prepared to donate heavily and ruthlessly, particularly those items that you haven’t worn or used for at least one year. Have boxes ready rather than making donation piles that you plan on sorting through later — this will save you time and eliminate second guessing that may occur with further reflection.


Have Carpets Deep Cleaned

If you’ve got indoor carpeting, it’s probably accumulated a significant amount of dust, grime, pet dander, and other debris over the course of the winter. Having it professionally cleaned is a better option that doing it yourself, particularly if there are large surface areas involved. Professional carpeting cleaning companies have the equipment and the expertise to clean your carpets thoroughly right down the individual fibers rather than simply masking odors with harsh chemical fragrances. Upholstered furniture should also be professionally cleaned at this time, and washable pillows, slipcovers, and throw rugs should be washed as well. Synthetic carpets and rugs with waterproof backings can be deep-cleaned with a rotary shampoo machine and a hot-water extraction machine. Rugs without backings, including Orientals, require professional cleaning.


Deep Clean Appliance Interiors

Remove all food items from refrigerators and freezers and clean the interiors of these appliances using warm water and an antibacterial cleaning product. Check all food items for damage and signs or spoilage and discard accordingly, and be certain to check the expiration date of each item. It’s important to clean the coils of the refrigerator and freezer during this time as well. Deep clean your fridge and freezer by removing all shelves, racks and storage items and washing them in your bathtub. Toss any old or unused food items. Soak your ice cube trays. Wipe down the sides of the fridge and freezer. Then put everything back in. If you’re afraid of food spoiling, use a cooler to keep your frozen items frozen while you work.


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