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Top Challenges of Being a Good Realtor



Without inventory, you have no income—and no business. Finding listings in a low-inventory market, however, has become a challenge even for agents with years in the business. New agents, especially, will find it a challenge to find sellers. Lack of experience makes new agents less attractive to homeowners seeking to retire comfortably and profit from the sale of their home. Of course, you can’t gain experience if no one lists with you. Shift your focus. In other words, if the fish aren’t biting, go where the fish are.



Algorithm updates, data security, privacy policies, marketing automation, SEO best practices, SMART home technology – stop me whenever you like. Today’s agent has to be as savvy at using technology as they do at prospecting. Brokerages and teams must keep pace with new trends and updates to technology regularly. Purchasing the wrong CRM, errors with a transactional app, or transferring domains to a new a server can quickly spiral into expensive problems that set you back for months.


Lead Generation

The volatility of auction-based CPC lead generation can inflate your ad budget overnight in some markets. Extensive ad networks like Google AdWords attract major real estate brands who compete aggressively for desirable keywords. In the early days, when social media was new, savvy marketing agents could generate leads and exposure with only a modest budget. As social media networks reach global saturation, digital advertising is becoming more costly, while yielding lower ROI for advertisers.



One of the most common reasons that new real estate agents get into the industry is the promise of making your own schedule. There is a false image that as a real estate agent you wake up and bum around all day until your showings in the evening. Most successful real estate agents work hours that would drive most people up the wall. You could be working on real estate marketing in the morning, contracts in the afternoon, and showing properties all evening. If you are a new real estate agent and you are taking weekends off, then you may want to start looking for another job soon. You will be grinding long hours for very little pay off in the beginning.


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