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Trends in Property Taxes in Bloomington, Indiana


The state of Indiana as a whole has interesting things going in terms of taxes, especially where property is concerned. Bloomington, though, is particularly worth scrutiny, since it doesn’t necessarily yield what you might expect. Here are some are some of those facts.


Low Property Taxes

When you consider that Bloomington, Indiana houses a lot of coveted property and therefore high listing prices, you might be surprised that it has relatively low property taxes. This is just as true as the rest of the county, as the Table below shows. Even knowing that Indiana has low property taxes in comparison to much of the U.S., it is interesting to see such rates.


Wide Ranging City Rates

The Townships and districts in Monroe County Bloomington block in terms of property taxes are also fascinating because of such a wide range. Rates go from 1.30, the lowest, to 2.50, the highest. That’s quite a disparity. The diverse nature to the Bloomington area explains quite a bit of this. The city’s own economic history may also shed some light. All of this makes property hunting in Monroe County and especially Bloomington an attractive place to consider. These rates have very positive effects on the local economies, which adds to the rich culture of diverse business and social community it works so hard to cultivate.




Property Tax Rates in Monroe County, IN Property Tax Rates in State
Highest 2.5031 8.6354
Lowest 1.303 0
Median 1.6 2.02

Monroe County Taxing Districts Detail

District Name Rate Rank
001 Bean Blossom Township 1.6410 1499
002 Stinesville Town 1.8411 1248
003 Benton Township 1.3030 1882
004 Bloomington Township 1.5688 1577
005 Bloomington City Bloomington Twp 2.1267 914
006 Clear Creek Township 1.3923 1810
007 Indian Creek Township 1.3610 1845
008 Perry Township 1.3548 1850
009 Bloomington City Perry Township 2.1237 917
010 Polk Township 1.4454 1743
011 Richland Township 1.7070 1419
012 Bloomington City Richland Township 2.5031 638
013 Elletsville Town 2.4011 708
014 Salt Creek Township 1.3115 1878
015 Van Buren Township 1.4829 1680
016 Bloomington City Van Buren Township 2.1598 883
017 Washington Township 1.5399 1608
018 Ellettsville-Bean Blossom 2.3906 722




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