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Why Bloomington House Hunters Might Want to Look Into Lake Lemon


If lakefront property is something you’re looking for, Brown Count, Indiana’s Lake Lemon is the perfect place to look. It’s the 9th largest lake in Indiana (7th largest reservoir) at 1,650 acres. Built in 1953, it was to serve as a drinking water reservoir and natural resource venue for the City of Bloomington’s expanding population. Lake Lemon was used as the primary drinking water source for the City of Bloomington until the late 1960’s. Currently the reservoir serves as Bloomington’s back up water supply.



With only 460 homes on the lake, Lake Lemon is a relatively small and quiet community. Located in Lakewood subdivision, the lot has private roads and allows golf carts.



There are two publicly accessible parks located on the lake. The largest is Riddle Point Park operated by the Lake Lemon Conservancy district. This park features a boat ramp, a 1 acre (0.40 ha) native prairie grass demonstration area, a beach, a shelter house, and a nature trail. The other park is Little Africa Wildlife Viewing Area, which covers 24 acres on a peninsula at the east end of the lake and features a nature trail.



All the neighbors are friendly and watch out for each other. Lakefront properties tend to foster that kind of community.


Lake Activities

All the typical fun activities you’d associate with a lake are available. Jet skis are enthusiastically permitted, as well as just swimming. The quality of the of the water is good enough to fish in, so get your tackle and gear and fishing pole to sit and relax in a nice afternoon of fishing. Boat docks are also allowed, and most boats are acceptable, including power boats up to 30 feet long. The water level variance of 1 to 2 feet with an average depth of 10 feet make relaxed boating ideal.

IU Proximity

Mere minutes away from Indiana University itself, a direct connection is the IU Aquatic Center. This center hosts a number of activities including sailing, rowing, and water skiing. The facility is home to the Indiana University Women’s Rowing Team and Indiana University Club Rowing Team.


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