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Why Winter in Bloomington is the Best Around

Bloomington is typically a great place to spend a winter. With all the venues and restaurants, and even the outdoors like parks and hiking trails are great if you bundle up. This year, however, COVID-19 has forced some changes, but Bloomington adapts as it always does. Here are some a couple of the reasons why Bloomington is still a good place to spend your time this winter.



Bloomington may still feel the same temperatures as the rest of the state, but it’s average snowfall is cut in half. This makes driving around town much more convenient most days. It’s average precipitation is less than many other counties, too, so there are more chances to advantage of Bloomington’s many walkways, and especially downtown, which was made for casual strolling.


Local Business Doesn’t Give Up

Carol Kruger of the Bloomington Herald Times reports on what businesses are doing to cope with COVID.

-“As the number of people who tests positive for COVID-19 increases and the temperatures decrease, Bloomington restaurants are struggling to offer customers safe ways to dine at the establishments, either outside or inside, in addition to ordering take out food. With Bloomington’s recent announcement that the closing off downtown blocks along East Kirkwood Avenue between Dunn and Grant streets and Walnut to Washington streets will now be in place all week until Dec. 31, some restaurants have been given more space to seat customers. The issue for the fall and winter months is how to provide seating in a warm area that’s protected from rain, cold and potentially snow.

Uptown Cafe

Galen Cassady at Uptown Cafe is excited about the new transparent, heated domes that are being erected outside of the restaurant. Two of the domes, each with room for a table and seating for up to eight people, should be available soon. ‘We hope to have six of them this winter so people can dine with their party and not share air space with others,’ Cassady said. ‘It’s going to be a fun, unique experience.’ The plan is to include lights inside that will offer a warm glow as night falls. The domes have been successfully used by restaurants in bigger cities to offer more dining space, Cassady said.”


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